Capital management

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As best practices evolve in this rapidly changing field, Milliman remains a valued source of insight on methods for managing risk. We provide impartial guidance on capital management strategy, informing clients of possible options so they can make the optimal choice based on their business goals.

The rise of more complex products has brought more risk to the industry and a greater need to protect insurers from such risks. Milliman offers expertise with new measurement tools that provide more precise assessment of available and needed economic capital. We are experienced in making the economical capital calculations needed to conform to the requirements of Solvency II as well as the IAIS' global framework.

We advise on a wide range of capital management services, including:

  • reinsurance
  • asset liability modelling
  • portfolio acquisition/disposal
  • securitisation
  • hedging
  • integrated risk management
  • business development and planning

Our support is tailored to the client's specific requirements in every case. We have a wealth of global expertise in helping clients discover the optimal balance of capital management strategies to achieve their goals. As we never work on commission, our independent stance makes us a highly sought source of advice in this field.

Market-leading tools support effective capital management

Our consultants use advanced tools developed by our own internal team of software experts to create sophisticated capital models designed for each individual client. The MG-ALFA™ software is our market-leading financial modelling solution and the MG-Hedge™ system works with our Trade Positioning System™ software to handle the complex needs of today's risk analysis and hedging programs. We also provide technology consulting services for clients who wish to enhance the modelling capacity of their existing systems.