Market developments

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In a time when the financial markets are highly volatile, it's reassuring to know that Milliman consultants have experienced the markets in every scenario. Our global team of investment consultants is continually assessing current events and the effects they may have on investors. We understand the risks of attempting rapid and sudden changes to investment portfolios and believe that confirming and/or reassessing one's true goals and objectives is paramount before making changes as a result of short-term trends in the marketplace.

Broad experience in all asset classes

We have experts in every major investment category—U.S. stocks and bonds, international equities, global funds, real estate, venture capital, commodities, private equity, and hedge funds. Our team's hands-on trading experience means we are aware of market movements each day and are able to advise clients on their best course of action.

In today's markets, radical changes can manifest over the course of a single day or even an hour. Our consultants use their in-depth knowledge and our proprietary tools to look at how current changes will affect our clients' portfolios long term, and to suggest prudent strategies.

Trusted insight on volatile markets

A wide range of major institutional clients turn to Milliman for guidance, including foundation endowment funds; profit sharing plans; 457, 401(k) and 403(b) plans; defined-benefit plans of all types; and retiree medical funds. With billions under management, Milliman offers sound, rational advice in turbulent times.

Our consultants write regularly on market changes and are sought-after public speakers. Milliman publishes a quarterly market review of the performance of every major investment category.

Milliman's independent outlook is especially valued in times of market uncertainty. Because we never work on commission, our advice is given purely to assist clients in achieving their investment objectives.