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For nearly twenty years, Milliman has steadily transformed the actuarial landscape with remarkable tools and insights.

In 2012, we implemented a groundbreaking cloud-based industrialisation solution that promises to revolutionise the way the world's leading life insurers model risk.

Two decades of tech leadership.

After two decades as the leader in actuarial modelling solutions, the list of upgrades we’ve made to MG-ALFA would stretch around the block. Our latest version runs seamlessly in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Windows Azure—which gives our clients access to a grid computing solution like no other.

The benefits? New ways to collaborate. Improved automation. And of course, access to practically unlimited computing power, but only when you need it.

But our enhancements don’t end with the technology.

Time is money. Time is control.

A true solution is about tangible results, delivered. For our clients at Phoenix Group, our team worked hand in hand to create game-changing process improvements.

For example, imagine valuation projections taking not 100 days, but less than a tenth of that time. Suddenly, the rest of the quarter can be used to plan and respond. And perhaps just as importantly: your key actuaries can now spend their time on critical analysis, rather than patching legacy models.

Actuarial process, reimagined.

The Milliman team has been delivering solutions to meet every client request and an ever-changing regulatory landscape. This legacy, along with thousands of installations, is part of the reason that the world’s top insurance and financial firms rely on Milliman and MG-ALFA without hesitation.

To learn more about these solutions, please contact Brian Reid.