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Milliman's seriatim, production valuation software system, MG-Triton®, has offered unparalleled reliability to our clients since 1993. With more than 125 systems installed, MG-Triton is used by major insurance companies worldwide to perform the complex task of calculating reserves.

Clients value MG-Triton for its ability to produce accurate and timely statutory, tax, and GAAP reserve calculations. Our unique GAAP analysis approach supports all historical and purchase GAAP calculation methods. Our system is designed to facilitate external audits, and its controls provide the necessary framework for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

MG-Triton's intuitive, user-friendly interface allows clients to rapidly attain proficiency with the system. As well, our electronic results files are easily exported to a variety of outside software systems, including Microsoft Excel.

The system offers superior version control through a regression-testing feature that allows changes to be validated against prior results from previous versions.

We offer five unique versions of MG-Triton, customized for different industry segments:

  • Traditional life insurance
  • Interest-sensitive life insurance
  • Deferred annuity
  • Payout annuity
  • Health insurance (LTC, DI, LTD & Medicare Supplement)

MG-Triton’s bridging functionality allows for the seamless passage of data between MG-Triton and MG-ALFA®. This facilitates an automated model refresh process, ensuring consistency between the systems. Values (both input and calculated) can be captured for each policy or cell and easily used as input to MG-ALFA liability projections. The result is parity between valuation and modeling systems, since the same values that went into calculating reserves are used for modeling purposes. The MG-Triton bridging functionality eliminates duplication of effort, since new products and features can be implemented in MG-Triton for valuation purposes, and then directly ported to MG-ALFA.

Affordable customization, rapid implementation

The same team of actuaries and software developers who created MG-Triton continues to support and update the systems. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality customer service to our clients, rapidly resolving any issues that arise. This high level of service also extends to our client customization work, which is discounted recognizing that the majority of customizations are implemented in the base system, allowing them to be used by other clients. An implementation team works with each client to make sure the product installation and ramp-up goes smoothly.

Next Steps

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