The value of microinsurance in emerging markets

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Microinsurance is simply part of the insurance continuum with risk-pooling products that feature pricing, terms, coverage, and distribution that are intentionally designed to be appropriate for low-income people. Recently, Milliman joined forces with the MicroInsurance Centre, an internationally recognized consulting firm and microinsurance thought leader, to generate greater access to these products worldwide.

Through product development, research, and advocacy services, Milliman and the MicroInsurance Centre are committed to protecting vulnerable populations against the risks that can lead people into an unending cycle of poverty: poor health, loss of crops or livestock, natural and human-made disasters, death and disability, and others. To achieve this aim, we are working with a wide range of clients, including government institutions, regulators, trade unions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), commercial insurers, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, foundations, and others.

For examples of our microinsurance reports and project case studies, please follow the links below:

To learn more about our work and our thinking in the field of microinsurance, click here.

For more information on the MicroInsurance Centre, visit www.microinsurancecentre.org.