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Insurance companies, regulators, reinsurers, rating agencies, self-insurers and others come to Milliman for reserve evaluations. Our independence and depth of insight in actuarial analysis provide clients with meaningful and powerful understanding of potential liabilities. Our experts perform sophisticated calculations to discern historical and future patterns that will affect an insurer's reserve requirements. 

We provide more than just the answers

The value of our work stems from the sophistication of our actuarial projections and the clear communication of our results. We help clients understand what is at stake in the reserve evaluation, identifying key assumptions, explaining the potential variability, and describing the implications to our client.

For any reserve analysis, Milliman offers:

  • Unparalleled experience and expertise
  • Proprietary state-of-the-art loss projection tools
  • Unwavering commitment to provide invaluable insight, integrity, and independence in our work
  • Reports that are clear, concise, and informative

Software solutions

In addition to our consulting expertise, we also provide the most widely used reserving software solutions available in the marketplace. Hundreds of insurance professionals around the world rely on our Arius®, Arius Enterprise, and Triangles on Demand solutions for the accurate loss information they need to make strategic and timely business decisions. Under continual development for more than twenty years, these actuarial software products are industry standards, and are more sophisticated and less costly to maintain than most internally developed systems.

The strength of our numbers: a billion-dollar example

We were asked to estimate the amount of money owed by Milliman’s client to another insurer. Milliman’s actuarial analysis, supporting documentation, and clear explanations convinced the key decision-makers to rule in our client’s favor, saving the client nearly $1 billion.

Milliman’s reputation for exceptional work is well-known internationally. Many of the largest insurance companies in the world come to us for unparalleled service and more U.S. insurance entities rely on Milliman’s reserving expertise than any other actuarial firm.